Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sketchbook Tour/ Storytelling Bags.


So I've been a bit absent here of late. What have I been making? Well currently I'm working on a sketchbook to be sent around the world for the 2012 Sketchbook Project. It will fly around to places like Chicago, Vancouver and Melbourne and be exhibited alongside other artists' books. I've been given a loose theme to start off with which is It's Winter Where you Are and I've pretty much spring-boarded from there.

Here is a preview of the cover of the book, the rest will have to remain a surprise!

For more information on the project please see here: 

I was also recently commissioned to design some Storytelling bags for the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham. I worked with another artist/ set designer Emma Thompson who created the fun interiors.

Here are the deets of exactly how the bags work:

I hope that you are all geared up for the festive frivolities!

Much love,

The Kooky Koala


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kooky Koala illustration in the current issue of FAKE Magazine.

Issue number 2 of FAKE; a new magazine showcasing lots of lovely fashion shoots and illustrations is available to buy now. Therein you can see a new illustration of mine which accompanies an article about Papergirl.

‘Papergirl is a non-commercial art project which aims to take art distribution out of galleries and into the streets’. You can check out their tumblr here:

FAKE is available to buy now, I’d recommend buying it not only to check out my stuff but to see some of the other candy-for-the-eyes designs they have featured in the magazine!

"After the success of their launch Issue in June, FAKE Magazine has announced the launch date of Issue Two. FAKE is a quarterly fashion and arts based magazine, born of two graduates from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design; Kerry Leslie and Sophie Benson. The magazine showcases many talented individuals, including a range of illustrators, independent businesses, fashion labels, interesting projects and great photography. FAKE promotes talent in a printed magazine, an opportunity which is invaluable to further their career and widen their audience.

FAKE will be available to buy online as of the 1st September 2011, priced £4 (+ £1.50 P&P) and is also sold in the listed stockists on their website. All costs go back into the production of the magazine, by buying FAKE you are ensuring more gifted creatives have the outlet to promote their work; you also get a beautifully put together, limited edition magazine!

To find out more: 
Twitter: @FAKEmagazine"

Stay groovy,

The Kooky Koala


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

One day left to vote....


So my design has been up for the vote for nearly a week and there is one day left for you to help me make it through and get my Waving Buildings design printed!

Please take a few moments out to score my tshirt out of 5 and contribute making my entire year!

Here is the link:

Lotsa lovin'

The Kooky Koala.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Threadless T Shirt submission

Hello all,

Today I submitted a t-shirt design which I am very much hoping will be chosen to be printed. What I need is for your lovely selves to vote for it which if I'm lucky you will be able to do in a week's time.

Here is the link to it so that you can see what I'm blethering on about before deciding!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Selling my goods at the Birmingham Zine Fair this Saturday 9th July.

Hullo there,

I will be selling some of my zines (Koala on the Keys and my new one Where the Lion is Drawn) this weekend at the Birmingham Zine Festival and some lovely Sugarfoot postcards designed by the equally lovely Nerys James. It will take place at the We Are Birmingham Shop between 12 pm and 6 pm:

We Are Birmingham
Unit 2, Kings Parade
Dale End
B4 7LN
Tel: 0121 236 5808
There will then be an after party  between 8 pm and 1.30 pm at the Jekyll and Hyde pub which I'll be djing at with my collective The Sugarfoot Stomp alongside our trusty master of visual projections Film Ficciones. The pub have kindly agreed to lay on a bbq for all the hungry exhibitors and visitors betwixt the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm to fill your stomachs after your souls have been fed by all the juicy alternative press from the fair!
Also you can catch some of my art work up at the Six Eight KafĂ©:

6/8 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5HG

Other artists such as Bunny Bissoux, Dina Kelberman, Gareth Courage, Harriet Shephard, Liz Lunney and Roxie Collins are also exhibiting here.

This exhibition is on now until Sunday 10th July so do check it out!
All of the fairs/ exhibitions are completely free and the after party incurs a mere £1.50 entrance fee so make sure you get yourselves a slice of culture this weekend!
The Koala xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Buy my things in London this Saturday!

I shall be selling my art work and zines with the lovely Kat Kon this Saturday the 28th at the International Alternative Press Fair in London's lovely Conway Hall, a beautifully understated 1920s building situated in Holborn. Check out the link to it here:

This is a fair where artists will be exhibiting and selling their self-published comix, zines, art books, prints, radical literature and poetry, plus three rooms of workshops and talks including DIY Couture fashion and screen-printing workshops and a reading area with Zine Swap. I will also be doing my darndest to advertise the July Birmingham Zine Festival to the unsuspecting masses.

Entry fee: £2 Doors to the Fair open at 10am and close at 4pm. 

Would be lovely to see some friendly cats there!

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL

tel. 020 7242 8032
fax. 020 7242 803




Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ink and acrylic canvases and the Stirchley Market

So I spent a lovely crafternoon yesterday dusting off my acrylic paints and getting out those canvases I bought just in case I felt like making some physical (ie not on a computer) artwork again. I also got out my inks and quill and created some work to display at the Stirchley Community market- I'm heading off there in half an hour.

I'm hoping to make more stuff soon rather than just rely on digital files, honestly I can lose whole days doing this, I get so absorbed! The soundtrack I had on repeat was Metronomy's Nights Out album. So good to create art to!

I'll show you my work in progress here:

                                                    A loving doggie.

                                                    Lucy Lark

                                                    A work in progress.

                                                    A cramped work space!

The weather seems to be holding out for the market so I'm looking forward to being outside and eating curry, sampling general delights and selling my wares.

Koala xx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Alternative Press Fair London May 28th-29th.


I shall be selling/exhibiting many Kooky Koala goodies including my new zine entitled Where the Lion is Drawn at this event on Saturday 28th May. It takes place at Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL.

A fair where artists will be exhibiting and selling their self-published comix, zines, art books, prints, radical literature and poetry, plus three rooms of workshops and talks including Andy Simons from the British Library, screen-printing workshops and a reading area with Zine Swap.

Entry to general public: £2

I hope to see you there!

The Kooky Koala xxx

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Updated websites

Hello dear hearts,

Annelise Francis a.k.a Meeno Kawaii has done a sterling job at souping up my already fancy-pants website, here is a link to it...

Her own splendid work can be found here:


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hoping not to have a final destination!

I escaped death not once but twice last weekend! The first time was on Saturday evening when a car sped towards me out of nowhere at a busy junction in Islington and I had no choice but to peg it to the other side of the road.
On Sunday afternoon I was drying my hair with Helena's old hairdryer and it sparked. I dropped it to the floor having luckily only incurred a slight charring to the palm of my hand.  Now a few days after the event it doesn't look at all impressive.

Upon investigation of the offending object we discovered that the wires were frayed- had my hand been over them or my reaction slower then I think I may have had an electric shock!
I feel chipper about it all though. Since finding out on Friday that there was a possibility I may lose my day job soon I'm deriving joy from just being around and enjoying little pleasures.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I am a newbie

Dear humans,

I am in the process of creating my blog so please bear with me while I get my head around blogspot. It'll be worth it when I do, promise!

Until then here's a little glimpse into what I'll be putting on here: