Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ink and acrylic canvases and the Stirchley Market

So I spent a lovely crafternoon yesterday dusting off my acrylic paints and getting out those canvases I bought just in case I felt like making some physical (ie not on a computer) artwork again. I also got out my inks and quill and created some work to display at the Stirchley Community market- I'm heading off there in half an hour.

I'm hoping to make more stuff soon rather than just rely on digital files, honestly I can lose whole days doing this, I get so absorbed! The soundtrack I had on repeat was Metronomy's Nights Out album. So good to create art to!

I'll show you my work in progress here:

                                                    A loving doggie.

                                                    Lucy Lark

                                                    A work in progress.

                                                    A cramped work space!

The weather seems to be holding out for the market so I'm looking forward to being outside and eating curry, sampling general delights and selling my wares.

Koala xx

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