Friday, 18 May 2012

New York inspirations.

Apologies for being a bit quiet on this blog of late.

Last month I went to New York to check out the Sketchbook Project 2012 which included my own entry.

All of the books resided in the Brooklyn Art Library which was a really nifty little space located in Williamsburg; a hip and happening area with lots of vibrant shops and arty goings-on in close proximity of each other.

When we got there the friendly librarian lass advised us that we needed to sign up and get library cards so as to get the books out to read there and then, it was encouraging to know that the books were so well looked after, you couldn't just go and pick them up off the shelves willy nilly!

I've included some pictures of the library space and also myself posing with my sketchbook, the tour is currently travelling between Vancouver and Los Angeles but will eventually end up back in Brooklyn and I must say I wholeheartedly approve of that space being my book's eventual home.

Other people's sketchbooks.

Awkward poser shot.

It's Winter Where You Are.

                       The Brooklyn Art Library and its permanent collection from previous years.

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